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The Live SMART Healing and Restoration Counseling Services
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Offering Virtual Therapy in Texas Missouri
Serving Youth & Adults

  • Individual & Family Therapy

  • Couples Counseling 

  • Christian-based Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families

  • Personal Growth Groups & Courses (in person and online)

  • Crisis Counseling

  • Career Counseling

All services are provided through a virtual platform that is private, HIPPA compliant & secure.  All you need is a tablet, smartphone or computer.  Register Here:

Live SMART Healing & Restoration Counseling Services is the counseling arm of SMART Ideas Consulting Firm, LLC.  Serving Missouri and Texas residents only, it was developed to support the psychological, social, emotional and spiritual development of abuse/trauma survivors and their loved ones.  Additionally, we serve anyone that is struggling to overcome a painful situation or past.  We want to support you in your healing journey.  The SMART approach encompasses a "full support model" that not only consists of emotional support but it also entails helping you define your personal goals and offers you assistance in developing the skills necessary to overcome challenges in achieving your goals.  

We help our clients live SMART.  In other words, we help you enhance your SKILLS to MANAGE your life well and ACT to RESOLVE TRAUMA.

Our motto is:  Live SMART and Heal your Heart.  We offer support with all types of abuse healing & restoration including neglect, physical, emotional & sexual abuse.  Learn more below.

What is Virtual Counseling / Tele-Therapy? 

We are glad that you asked.  Don't allow proximity to keep you from getting the high quality counseling that you need.  We now offer most of our services through tele-therapy or virtually.  Connect with our clinicians in the comfort of your home through video chat.  Use your tablet, smart phone, desktop or laptop to begin your counseling and get on your way to healing.  The platform that we use is HIPPA compliant, safe and secure.  Learn more about ClockTree here:  

Night Therapy Services - Virtual Only

Do you have atypical hours of availability?  Try our "Night Therapy" services.  Offered through our tele-health platform only, this program allows you to receive the counseling and support you need after typical business hours.  Night Therapy Hours:  7:00pm - 11:00pm.

Christian-based Counseling Available

God has called us to do great things with our lives but difficulties and traumatic experiences can interfere with this plan. We want to support you on your healing journey. If you are looking for a therapy program that encourages your Christian faith while addressing your emotional needs look no further. We are here to help.

Virtual Counseling & Telehealth Psychotherapy Services

Insurance Accepted
Missouri Residents Only
United Health Care
Beacon Health
Home State

Specialized Services:

  • School-based therapy for youth 

  • School-based therapy groups

  • In-home therapy for seniors (Private Pay)

Live SMART Healing & Restoration Counseling Services
Services Offered
SMART Ideas Consulting Firm, LLC
SMART Ideas Consulting Firm, LLC
SMART Ideas Consulting Firm, LLC